Purchase your deluxe, collector’s edition DVD of THE RUGBY PLAYER — signed by Mark’s mom, Alice Hoagland, and Director Scott Gracheff and containing special DVD extras found nowhere else. Anticipated delivery date is December 2014, dependent upon the film’s meeting theatrical and broadcast milestones.


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Be first in line to own a personal copy of THE RUGBY PLAYER and support the film’s progress across the country! A portion of the profits from the pre-sales will support the Mark Bingham Foundation and the work of Alice Hoagland.

Order your deluxe DVD today for $35, and you will receive a confirmation number and instructions on how to claim your DVD when the delivery announcement is made. Price includes shipping within the Continental U.S. as well as California state sales tax.

Want to pay by check? Download the order form, fill it in completely, and mail it to Mark Bingham Documentary, LLC, 182 Howard Street, #401, San Francisco, CA 94105.


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Purchase our official poster for THE RUGBY PLAYER! This high-quality, sturdy, full-color, 11×17 poster is available for $20, including California state sales tax and shipping.

Complete the online order form including shipping information and the poster will be mailed to you within two weeks.

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